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The Singing Sailor performs at various events as in Clubs, Private Parties, Weddings, Charities, and Special Occasions. Send an EMail by clicking the link below and someone will get back to you with in 24 to 48 hours. Performance Request

Professional Ship Detailing: Chris has incredible chemical engineering knowledge and fully understands most painted surfaces, chemical elements, and compounds that make up surfaces such as GelCoat, AwlGrip, Enamel, etc.   He has possess high demands and produces high quality work on all Yachts and Boats. Click on this link to submit your Yacht/Boat Detailing Request

Quality Car Detailing: After reading the Professional Ship Detailing information above, you know that Chris has high expectations and produces high quality work with patients and expertise! Click on thi link to submit your  Auto Detailing Request

Everyone Having a Blast!

Note To Friends

I just wanted to make sure I mentioned a Big THANK YOU to all of you that have come out and traveled to see me play live. I truly appreciate all the support.